Home Visits

It is better to be seen at the practice where we have appropriate examination and treatment facilities, and where you can be seen more quickly.

However, if you are too ill or frail to come in, please contact us before 10:00 to request a home visit.

You will be asked for brief details of your problem so that urgent cases may be seen first. It is common practice for GPs to call you to discuss your request for a home visit before confirming a visit will be booked. We may also refer you to the home visiting service run by DHU Health Care .The aim of this service is to reduce inappropriate admissions to hospital by providing a rapid response injury and illness home visiting service (HVS) for patients who, if they are not visited rapidly are at risk of admission or attendance to secondary care. The service will bring together the urgent visiting capability of local Out Of Hours (OOH), together with the current CRT and AVS teams into one integrated 24 hour urgent care home visiting service.

Since January 2015 all GP practices have been free to register new patients who live outside their practice area without any obligation on the practice to provide home visits for such patients when the patient is at home, away from, and unable to attend, their registered practice. If these patients require a home visit, these patients will access urgent primary medical care through NHS 111 but will generally be expected to contact NHS 111/111.nhs.uk, only following enquiry with their registered GP practice.

If as a result of that enquiry the GP thinks a face to face consultation is necessary, the patient will be advised to ring NHS 111.