Please visit our Prescriptions and Medicines Centre for more information.

Patient Access, our online service, allows patients to request repeat prescriptions 24 hours a day without contacting the surgery.

If you would like to use our online repeat prescription system, you will need to register with us first.

In line with local guidance we only issue for one month’s medication at a time and usually only when it is due. If you require medication early because of a holiday please add details of this to your request and we will try and oblige.

Collecting Medication and Other Items In Regards To COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

Please note that you are still able to collect medication and other items from the practice.

Please do not attend any site if you have a new, persistent cough or fever. Please ask a family member, Friend or neighbour to collect on your behalf or call us for advice.

On arrival at the site, Please follow the instructions on the posters at the main entrances.

The government is helping dispensaries to deliver prescriptions. Prescriptions will continue to cover the same length of time as usual. If you do not currently have your prescriptions collected or delivered and are now isolating, you can arrange this by:

  • Asking someone who can pick up your prescription from your GP dispensary, (this is the best option, if possible);
  • Contacting your GP dispensary to ask them to help you find a volunteer (who will have been ID checked) or deliver it to you.

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

What is it?

Electronic prescription service is an NHS service that allows your GP to send your prescription to a regular nominated pharmacy. This ensures you do not need to pick up a paper prescription saving you time. You can get the prescription sent to a pharmacy closer to where you live, work or even go on holiday (provided it’s in the UK).

Which chemist/pharmacist?

All the local pharmacies in Market Harborough and surrounding areas are signed up and they have been for years. It is not a new service, but there have been a lot of improvements over the years and we at Market Harborough and Bosworth Partnership feel now is a great time to start adapting to these innovate changes.

How can I register?

In order to “register”, all you need to do is nominate a pharmacy that you pick up your regular prescriptions from. This will serve as your prescription destination. Ask your chosen pharmacy call and speak to the prescriptions team, who can add your nomination for you, it only takes a few seconds. You can also change or re-nominate a different pharmacy at any time.

Does it cost anything?

EPS is a completely free service provided by NHS digital. It does not cost you anything, in fact, it would be encouraged and beneficial for you to start getting nominated.

What if I go on holiday?

If you go on holiday and you need a prescription/emergency supply. You can ring the surgery and your GP can send over a prescription to any EPS pharmacy within your area. This ensures you can collect your medication in a timely manner although you would have to remember to re-nominate your regular pharmacy once you are back home.

Who can collect the medication?

Medication can be collected by anyone in the usual way, this does not change. The way you order doesn’t change either. It just means you do not need to come to the practice to pick up your prescription every month on repeat and also ensures paper prescriptions are not lost and misplaced.

Prescription Fees

You can view the cost of prescriptions on the entitled to free prescriptions.