Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Domestic & sexual violence and abuse awareness campaign 2020

A new campaign called ‘When is it time to act?’ launches on 23 November 2020 across Leicester Leicestershire and Rutland. It aims to encourage more reporting by members of the public of domestic violence and abuse, including sexual violence and abuse within a relationship.

This awareness campaign has been created primarily for sharing on social media and via phones, to engage the public in their role as helpers. Helpers could be family, friends or colleagues.

The campaign highlights various signs of domestic abuse within a relationship, such as coercive control, revealed through text conversations between people who are concerned about someone. It aims to reflect the details that many people might ignore initially, but which can be early warning signs, and will point people in the direction of further information and help.

To find out more about domestic violence or abuse visit www.uava.org.uk.