NHS health check

Use this service to submit your NHS health check.

You can use this service if you:

  • are registered at the surgery
  • have been invited to do so

NHS Health Checks are free for anyone aged between 40 and 74 years of age and does not already have a pre-existing condition. Patients can have a check once every 5 years.

It can tell you whether you’re at higher risk of getting certain health problems, such as heart disease, diabetes, kidney disease, stroke and dementia.

Before you start

We’ll ask you for:

  • your first and last name, date of birth, sex, postcode, email and phone number
  • if applicable, the details of the person you are completing the form on behalf of
  • other requirements such as… height and weight, a blood pressure reading
Start now

You can also phone us on Market Harborough Medical Centre 01858 464242 or St Luke’s Branch Surgery 01858 464242 or Husbands Bosworth Medical Centre 01858 880522.