Nursing team

Acute illness nurses

The role of the minor illness nurse is to take a history, diagnose and treat minor illness within general practice. Nurses provide 80% of direct patient care; most people’s experience of the Health Service begins and ends with a nurse. Nurses are now seen as confident, forward looking professionals with enormous potential to prevent disease, provide high quality care for the sick and to promote healthy lifestyle. 

We run a dedicated acute illness clinic from our St Lukes Branch Surgery, five days a week morning and afternoon with nurse prescribers and an on-site GP supervisor.

Practice nurses

Many patients are looked after by our highly trained nurses in a variety of clinics e.g. asthma, heart, cardiovascular, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, chronic kidney disease and wound clinics. If you suffer with one of these problems you may be invited to see one of these nurses once a year, usually in your birth month.

Diabetic specialist nurses

We look after our patients in our own dedicated Diabetic Specialist Nurse run clinics. These are highly popular and effective ways of managing this chronic condition. Our team keep up to date with the latest developments in the ever-evolving field of diabetes.

Healthcare assistants

Our healthcare assistants are an important part of the team, involved with chaperoning for doctors, phlebotomy, wound dressings, performing ECG tracings and many other duties.